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  • Aries: confront them
  • Taurus: build a bunker and live there
  • Gemini: try to talk to them and make friends and just be like oh fuck it il just become a zombie
  • Cancer: protect and run w/ their family
  • Leo: take charge of where to run/what to do
  • Virgo: look for a zombie killing chemical/vaccine
  • Libra: try and develop an understanding and a mediation between the zombie and human race so we can all live in tranquility
  • Scorpio: already sort of dead, zombies could not tell if they were human or not
  • Sagittarius: just totally get in to it.. run, hide, kill them, murder them, chase them, and keep it cool and adreneline driven
  • Capricorn: directors/building safe places
  • Aquarius: take a boat into the middle of the ocean
  • Pisces: hide in a cupboard and dream about unicorns
Anonymous: Do you believe in soul mates?


yeah i do, but i think we have many, i do believe in them, but im not looking for my soul mate, or searching for them, i found one, some think they are the absolute love of your life. i think many soul mates come in different forms… and maybe, they are the same soul age and this gives them an instant attraction, i dont know, i just came up with that theory so dont believe it :p

  • ♈ Aries: Rage, impulsivity and failure to get worked up about the things they normally do, oppositional but with less verve and energy
  • ♉ Taurus: Isolation, binge eating and lethargy, a sense of 'me against the world', less patience, easier to enrage
  • ♊ Gemini: Silence, nerves, over thinking, easily distractible and seems 'elsewhere'; they are fairly intolerable to sadness they tend to detach/dissociate from feelings after a short while
  • ♋ Cancer: Teariness, neediness, isolation, binge eating, crying after insignificant events, stomach aches, a feeling of separation from everyone around them
  • ♌ Leo: Obvious displays of stress, they become like a wound up string and as if they are on the brink of a nervous break down. Short tempered and needy (only around close friends/family) and become martyred
  • ♍ Virgo: Isolation, heightened compulsions (cleaning, washing hands more etc;), unresponsive in conversations, at time blunt and more oppositional
  • ♎ Libra: General feeling of instability/moodiness, reduced urge to socialize/be with friends, hopelessness, a feeling of being disliked/rejected by everyone, you can sense them 'trying' to be happy and keep composed
  • ♏ Scorpio: Isolation, opposition, hostility and violent mood swings. Intense melancholy with at times delusions and paranoia. Thoughts even scary to them, a sense of 'me against the world'.
  • ♐ Sagittarius: Lethargy, escapism (substance use etc;), uncharacteristically more serious and tense, less tolerance, feelings of worry when thinking into the future
  • ♑ Capricorn: Demotivation, lethargy, hopelessness, over thinking, they seem tense and 'overly alert', hyper vigilant, force themselves to 'go through the motions', nothing impresses them
  • ♒ Aquarius: Uneasy, harder to 'reach'; as if they are far away. Silence, isolation, detachment, even though they try to appear happy. Distractible
  • ♓ Pisces: Teariness, anxiety, isolation, when they feel sadness they tend to feel 'all at once', nerves, obsessive/ruminating thinking, remembering everything bad that ever happened to them, crying over insignificant events


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